On this page you will find various resources to help educate yourself and others about the important services provided by nature.


Nature’s benefits (or ecosystem services) are any good or service we receive from the natural world. These range from food and clean water to protection from erosion and floods. It also includes the cultural values provided by nature, such as hiking, skiing, or camping.

What does this have to do with a changing climate?

The effects of climate change are being experienced in the Maritime provinces and are expected to have further impacts on this region in the future. This will affect all aspects of the environment, economy and society in New Brunswick. Some impacts include:

  • Warmer, wetter winters;
  • Changes in water distribution;
  • More extreme storm events and flooding;
  • Loss of coastline from erosion and sea level rise.


By working to ensure natural areas remain healthy and intact, we can protect ourselves from these impacts. For example, wetlands can help absorb increase rainwater, while dunes can help reduce erosion along our beaches.

Nature can help protect us from the impacts of a changing climate.

The Maritime Natural Infrastructure Collaborative


The Maritime Natural Infrastructure Collaborative works to raise awareness about
the important role nature plays in helping our communities remain healthy and resilient. Inside you will learn about the services we receive from our wetlands, forests, and rivers and how we can best manage our activities to maintain these benefits.


As the graphic shows, balancing natural features (e.g. forests and wetlands) and development provides countless benefits including, decreased flood risk,
recreation/tourism opportunities, and clean, inexpensive drinking water!


The Maritime Natural Infrastructure Collaborative is working to help communities manage natural areas to address complex problems (e.g. climate change, high infrastructure costs) that directly impact our homes and businesses.


We invite you to get in touch to learn more by visiting and contacting us at or (506) 459-4209.

Key Resources

Climate Change

Learn the facts and current news about climate change in the Maritimes.

Nature's Benefits

Learn about how nature provides for and protects our communities.

Planning with Nature

There are many ways nature's value can be incorporated into our decisions about land-use. Click here for a list of resources to get started.