Take Action

Ready to help yourself and your community join the “Working with Nature” movement? Read how to get involved below.

1. Do your homework!

Read more about natural solutions to flooding by visiting our Resources page.

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2. Sick of mowing grass in the summer?

Try a naturalized lawn, which can help absorb and clean water, while reducing flood risk on your property. Check out these ten tips from the Town of Stratford, Ontario for more details.

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3. Plant a Rain Garden

Plant a Rain Garden in your community to slow and clean water.

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4. Ask your elected officials

Ask your elected officials how they are considering nature’s value in community decisions.

5. Depave your property

Less pavement means less flooding! Learn more here with information on Depave projects from Green Communities Canada.

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6. Educate others about nature's services!

Read our report on education and nature's services.

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7. Prepare for flooding

Looking to flood-proof your home?

Check here for details on how to get started.

8. Rain in the forecast?

Avoid fertilizing plants on your lawn to protect drinking water quality in your community.

9. Get in touch!

Visit our Contact Us page.

10. Get outdoors

Visit your local recreation trails/parks.

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